Ecomobility Ventures, a multi-corporate venture capital fund focused on start-ups disrupting the current method of transportation of people and freight.


A new ecosystem to transport people and goods is evolving and will revolutionize todays means of mobility.

These offers include carsharing, ridesharing, logistics tracking, traffic information systems, transportation information portals, driver efficiency enhancement, drones, smart parking, connected and autonomous vehicles. More broadly these novel companies start-ups are active in the following areas: SaaS, Marketplaces & Lead Generation, eCommerce and mobile.

This transformation of the urban mobility and freight sector in the 21st century requires an accelerated innovation and adaptation process. Therefore a closer cooperation between start-ups and market leaders is a necessity. The personal vehicle will become “private – public” and will integrate itself seamlessly into public or other shared transportation solutions. In tandem, these new innovative technologies will optimize the usage of our limited and diminishing natural resources.

The last decade has seen a handful of impressive and outstanding entrepreneurs in Europe, the United States and Israel founding new companies to tackle these dynamic trends and reaching global ambition scale. It is these entrepreneurs Ecomobility Ventures is seeking to back to accelerate their commercial success.

Our sponsors: SNCF, Total, Orange, Air Liquide and Michelin have combined their forces to create EcoMobility Ventures – Europe’s first venture capital fund dedicated to sustainable mobility. We consider them as change enablers, and their involvement and commitment to actively support new emerging leaders in this sector is a reflection of their dedication to propel mobility solutions to the information technology era.

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